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Farmsys Portable Soil Sensors

Soil Spectra 3.0


Frugal compact gadget to measure vital
soil parameter

Waterproof and durable probe to detect
soil NPK, Temperature, Moisture, PH data

Portable design and works android
mobile application to read and sync data
with cloud.

Device support BLE and WIFI. Compatible with Farmsys eFarm NPK Android application.

Splashproof Compact Design

The device is made up of high grade SS and Nylon along with other sensors and circuitary

GeoFencing and Live Weather

Farmsys eFarm NPK app provides soil nutrient information along with Farm geo location and weather information

Interface BLE and WIFI Interface
Software Android Application and Web Dashboard
NPK Values 0-400 kg/ha
Soil Temperature 0-40 ‘C
pH Acidic (3.5)-Alkaline (9)
Soil Moisture Dry(0)-Wet(50% Volumetric water content )
Calibration Frequency 100 days
Frame and Enclosure Teflon, SS316 , ABS
Battery Model No- 18650, Capacity- 2500mah
Input charging Supply 5 volts DC